Deer Repellent

Deer eat shrubs. Love them, hate them, that’s just what they do.

They can help themselves to the tall grass, wildflowers and weeds out back. I don’t even mind so much that they have moved in, despite the tick situation.

But there are some plants I really would like them to leave alone. My little “understory” bed of hydrangea, weigela, viburnum, sourwood and burning bush took a lot of time and energy to plant. When it grows it, it will be a nice transition from yard to the White Pine border behind it. It would be nice if the deer would lay off the White Pines too, since the deer have eaten away most of the bottom limbs.

I tried using a deer repellent pellet-type application, but with the constant rain this fall even with a heavy application, the deer remain “undeterred”. So, once again, I did my online research and got to making an new homemade repellent. I let it sit for 48 hours. (It was raining anyway!) This morning, I strained the new concoction and got to spray. I hit the whole bed, even plants they hadn’t touched. Then, I did some test spraying on a few leaves of rose of sharon, azalea, witchhazel and rhododendron.

Our beagle was very interested in eating the finished product, leading me to wonder if I hadn’t put in enough rotten eggs or red pepper.

I will report back my results and upon success post my recipe!


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Line Jumpers: everyone is on to you

To the lady who asked me a question about how I got my coupon at Payless, then proceeded to sign up for the Payless mailing list (5 min.), purchase her many pairs of tights (??), and tell her long saga of tight purchasing and misplacing to the cashier which continued long after she had been handed her receipt and told to have a nice day:


The only reasons you got away with it were 1.  I had no children with me and was in no hurry to return home, 2. I assumed you were crazy  (vision of being strangled with tights) and 3. I was having a shitty day.

Note: Line jumpers reading this, do not assume that acting crazy will always keep people from calling bullshit on you.

On another note, but line related:

If someone has been standing in line, then you show up and the cashier says, “Next person in line” the appropriate thing to say to the person who has been waiting is not, “You can go ahead”.  Yes, dumbass, I can and I will and I may because I was THE NEXT PERSON WAITING IN LINE.  You on the other hand were ambling around clueless until you happened to the front of the store somewhere near the register.  That is why you got the blank stare and blink followed by the modified headshake from me. I did not huff because I felt sorry for you. If I sighed loudly through my nostrils, I apologize–that was overkill–I was just thinking about my experience earlier this week (above) and how line issues, while petty, are irritating.

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